The Fish Page Colophon


I am Hamish Low,  I can be emailed at


The Fish pictures were taken by me, scuba diving in Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Palau, Malaysia and Indonesia.    .


The earlier Fish Pictures were taken with a Sea&Sea MX10, some with the close up, some with the wide adaptor. It is the best value for money of diving cameras - if not the most sophisticated.

The fish pictures taken recently on the SeaBiscuit cruise were taken with a Sony SC100 DV video camera in a USVH housing. I captured stills using a DAZZLE* to get them into the website.  The video is actually easier to use underwater than film based stills as the exposure and focus are automatic, but you can see what you are getting on the screen. 2002 - I have also now added pics taken with Sony P5 - the Trailwalker, Moalboal and Guilin sets and some new underwater shots are from the P5 - all at reduced resolution to keep your download time reasonable. These pages were built with the PictureGear software supplied on a Sony Vaio Computer.


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