Photo Gallery

These are a selection of photos from the trip - some are the compressed pictures used in the weblog - others are the resolution and may exceed 1Mb !  But the detail is all there.


SBIV in Clearwater Bay marina before the trip

Sailing in China Sea

In Batangas channel - Puerto Galera

Frogfish on wreck in Sabang Bay

Shrimp & Goby show - Sabang

Lightning over Panay - Philippines

local craft near Bohol

a fast banca near Limasawa- Leyte

emerging from a cave at Sohouten inlet - Bucos Grande

Blue Holes - Palau

Grey reef shark with juvenile yellow jack that swims right on the sharks nose

A nudibranch relative


Chandelier cave -

looking up from underwater

Naploean Wrasse facing Moray

White tip at Blue corner

Palau rock islands

The sailfish - too beautiful to gaff

Sailfish caught SE of Palau - released.

Helen & family asking Mitch to complete the visitors book

Ninigo Isl. PNG

dinner table at Ninigo

At Ninigo Isl.

Salma relaxing

dugout in Lorengau - Manus PNG

canoe in Lorengau - Manus PNG

The more active of Rabauls volcanoes

Erupted in 1994 and continued to blow ash until early 2004

Tern IV - gaff yawl b.1924

Apparently one of earliest cruising yachts - in good condition in Rabaul heading for Philippines

Rabaul Yacht Club

fast sailing craft for whole family !


SB IV pounding into a short chop

This was inside a lagoon where we hoped to find shelter from the Solomon sea.

kids at Amplett islands PNG

trade goods we got in exchnage for detergent, toys, canned food & medicine

Dolphins under the bow

Kinilaw & Sashimi from a smaller wahoo

local craft in Tufi, PNG

SB IV on mooring in Tufi - PNG