November 2004

> SeaBiscuit IV   has returned to Australia !


The Log – Sept 2004  – a weblog created during the trip at occasional internet cafes and by phone relay to Pauline.


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 We left HK Sept 5th heading for Australia planning to go by way of Philippines, Palau, Papua New Guinea & Vanuatu. The distance is about 4500 miles taking about 6 weeks.


It is still typhoon season in the western pacific / SE Asia and there has been a close succession of tropical storms over the past few weeks but most have been forming east of 130E and heading north well east of the Philippines and hitting Taiwan/China/Korea/Japan.  If that pattern continues we should have little trouble getting south to and through the Philippines to 8N where we will be south of the ‘normal’ storm tracks.


While at sea we will be using the Inmarsat Mini-M service again to keep in touch by voice & email and by internet café’s along the way we hope to update pages here with our adventures.


The crew was Mitch O’Brien -  the new owner and Hamish Low – the previous owner.

(Sailor the cat has declined this trip)




Should anyone want/need to call us (and is prepared for the cost) the Inmarsat number is


762078639  -  The country code at first is  873 (Indian Ocean ) until about 15th Sept and then 872 (Pacific Ocean)

email to the boat can be sent to  -  text only – no attachments please as the access is very slow !




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