Sea Biscuit IV at Sea Again
These pages are a record of our trip to the Philippines with our yacht "Sea Biscuit IV"

They are being prepared while we are travelling and uploaded using very limited bandwidth - so the image quality is not the best but we hope it gives friends some idea what we are up to.
The letters we e-mailed during the trip so far are here

Anne sorting and recording all our stores into the computer, planning for the trip had been going on for over a year. Luckily Sea Biscuit is a roomy yacht with ample storage for all the food, clothes, tools, spares, fuel, school material, toys, dive gear, beach gear and safety equipment we think we will need.  We left the dock floating just below our marks, at a full 38 tons.
Our friends at Clearwater  Bay marina helped us a great deal to prepare and to stay calm while doing it. Then they saw us safely away from the dock.  We were a few days later than planned, some equipment took longer to install than we had expected, but it meant we left in ideal weather.
We left Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong in sunny weather with no wind at all, very unusual for January, but then we have seen very little "typical' weather for the season so far ! Here is the familiar outline of High Junk peak behind us as we leave Hong Kong for six months on the afternoon of Jan 12th
It remained calm all the first night and we motored out past the rows of oil rigs flaring brightly about 80 miles from Hong Kong
For the second day we had a good sail in a moderate breeze and building seas, by the third day the sea was bigger, the wind less and we had to use the motor and sails to maintain good progress.
 Pauline could work on the computer below, updating all those stores records and writing a diary.
Most days Anne and Sean could do their school studies, even on deck on the calmer days.

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