.  We reached our first landfall at Capones light in the early morning, after having sailed into a fishing net during the night
Enjoying a gentle sail at first light in flat seas near the coast of Philippines.
 The Philippine flag welcoming us to Subic Bay.  The marina there is part hotel, but they arranged to get our cracked fuel pipe fixed, and did everything to make our stay enjoyable.
Sailor remained a cool cat, even after he was sick. Anyone know if we can mix Stugeron into his food before rough passages ?
 Pauline enjoying the sail from the helms seat. We had let the autopilot steer most of the way but kept an alert watch on deck at all times dividing the night into three hour watches between Pauline Hamish and Norman.
 We had a great sail across Verde Isl. channel to Puerto Galera, despite the areas reputation for bad conditions.
 The anchorage at Puerto Galera is very sheltered and picturesque, especially after a shower.
A neighbouring yacht in PG seen through our aft head port hole
   On arrival in Boracay we were met by friends Will and Susan from CWB Marina on a local sailing paraw.
We saw some great sunsets from the long white sand beach at Boracay.

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