Christmas tree worms, always a favourite. A single coral head will have worms in all shades of orange, blue, green and mixtures. At the slightest motion nearby they instantly retreat leaving a sharp horn protecting their home.

 We have been diving - here's Anne with her new gear.
 I think this is a bryozoa, but it may be a sponge, anyone confirm ?
A very colourful nudibranch, a shelless mollusc with feathery gills on its back for breathing.
This one is a sponge, Anne found it looking almost flourescent. As I said there have been some great sunsets, I have never seen the like of this ! This was after a still day, and was followed by more NE monsoon at 25kts+
Fish Fingers !
 It may look like Aspargus, but it is an ascidian, a type of sea-squirt living in a colony on top of a stalk.
 A Winged fish, a Gurnard seen on our night dive at Puerto Galera. Or is it a Sea Robin ?   
Blue ribbon eel, was trying to catch a passing goby, but the goby escaped.

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