This page has pictures of people and places, taken between Feb and April mostly on Panay and Negros in small communities that see few foriegn visitors.
Pauline shopping for veg. in the market at Siaton, one of the best town markets we visited.  A wide choice of fruits and veg, and some good fish for sale as well.  Potatoes US1/kg,  tomatoes US50c/kg,  Blue Marlin US$2/kg 
Siaton, Negros Oriental.  banners advertising religous events, band practice and fashion shows altogether.
Norman and Sean entertaining local kids on board SB IV at Aninini , south Panay. Many of the boys ad swum out to us, the girls and adults came in bancas.
On the road back from Siaton with all the family on a huppa-huppa. Much of the road near the anchorage was too rough and narrow for bigger vehicles.  The fare was about US50c per person for the 20min 13km trip to Siaton.  
Sean on a bridge at Ne-Ar-ne store - Pt. Bonbonon.
The store sold cold drinks, food and provided some labour for work on yachts.

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