A second page of people and places
Anne doing chart work to plan our course from Cebu to Pt. Bonbonon
A villager butchering sharks caught by the bright light fishing fleet of Aninini.  Apparently the shark meat is shipped to Manila on ice for sale.
The church at Aninini, built 1895 - just before the spanish left the Philippines.
A colourful tricycle, the most common public transport for short trips. This one had 8 schoolchildren on board ! As many as twelve passengers is not uncommon. Typical fares are 1 or 2 UScents.
Norman with Rodriguez, a village elder of the Lisub barangay (village). Of 800 people registered in the barangay 150 men were working overseas as seamen.
Pauline in the galley with two freshly baked loaves of bread.  They were excellent !

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