Opistobranchs -  mostly Nudibranches but some here are not.



This very unusual creature is a mollusc but more related to cowries than to nudibranches.  Apparently there is a shell inside there.  They just took the cowrie style of coming out and over the outside of their shell further and can no longer retreat back inside at all.


The name is Coriocella nigra , we saw several near Gato, at about 10m.  The animal is about 10cm long.


Another Coriocella seen in the same area.

Chromodoris reticulate – I think.  


A large dorid type nudibranch of which we saw many at Gato.  Some were moving faster than nudibranchs normally do, maybe 20cm/min !


A Nudibranch – this is the ‘woolly’ kind – properly called Aeolid Opistobranchs.


The tassles on the body store toxins and bad tasting material from the Ascidians they eat as a defense against predators.


About 6cm long, and 15m deep near Gato.


A chromodoris – on a very dark early morning at 23m waiting for the thresher sharks near Malapascua.

Another Aeolid Nudibranch, at Gato – appears to have two pairs of rhinophores

A chromodoris  but I can’t recall where I took this picture

Another Nembrotha from Sinandigan wall at Puerto Galera – perhaps the ascidians on the left are food for it ?